Ron’s Speakeasy gig – 1st Nov.

Spencer Maybe Pearce and us lot are playing at The Duke pub

125 Creek Road, Deptford, SE8 3BU. Click here for facebook event.

Come from 7:30pm for gin, tonics & endless nobby’s nuts.

Spencer Maybe

Spencer Maybe


Proud Gallery gig – 2nd Nov.

Proud galleries in Camden on the 2nd of November from 4-4:30pm alongside many smashing musicians. x

Come, bring your friends & be merry.

click here for the facebook event


Oxjam W12 Takeover.

Well done the wonderful Zanna Clarke, sound man & general hero Raj, Dan & the rest of the team on a successful Oxjam.

Here are some pics taken by the one like John Williams. 


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Woodburner Gig, 29th October

Gemma & the Mil Men are playing Woodburner in Stoke Newington  on 29th October. We’re playing alongside Orlando Seale and the Swell + Ed Dowie. Hopefully see youse there. x  ting!


Oxjam Take-over, Shepherds Bush, London, Saturday 12th October 2013

Takeover Poster Final Small

Click here to read more about our gig for Oxjam 🙂


Secret Garden Party, 2013

It was Sunday. No one had slept. We did it anyway.

Latitude 2013

I spent my thirtieth leaving mine in Clapton with a car full of handsome young men: George, Adam and Charlie.

Latitude bound. All going swimmingly. Ciders and banter. Traffic jams.

Arrive at the gates by the skin of our teeth. Poetry arena. Instrument tune up. And we play. Our set goes nicely.

We are happy.

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Volume Magazine, July 2013

Read our interview with Ruby Ocean in Volume Magazine

Glastonbury 2013

There I was without a band. They didn’t show up. They were on a blag. The blag got hot.

I had only managed to secure one ticket. I had an accordian player – the wonderful George Bell – in one of the fields but no one else. It was flight or fight. Do or die. Kill or be killed.

After much deliberation & hugs from some sweaty naked people up in the tee-pee field I decided to press on and began flapping about asking Tom, Dick & Harry if they knew of any guitarists, bassists, anyone really and Sir Rich Posh-ratz pointed me in the direction of a handsome young whippersnapper by the name of Charlie. Jay from Beans on Toast introduced me to his banjo player Bob who unfortunately was busy so he introduced me to his guitarist mate Bob. George Bell called me. I told him that we had two random guitarists. He turned up at the Rabbit Hole all blond hair and squeeze box. We stood in a lock up. Maff the drummer from The Egg showed up with drum sticks and a hangover and then last but not least Samuel Miller and his trumpet were drafted in.

We had a band. We had a lock up in which to practise. We had twenty minutes before we were due on stage.

The rest is history.